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"Memos": a thousand years of history through an exhibition

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Even if in this sensitive time we can’t go visiting exhibitions and museum, that doesn’t mean we can’t take our time discovering artworks and exhibits. In order to face our self-imposed seclusion due to the coronavirus outbreak, many museums highlighted the possibility of consulting their collections and pieces of art online. An original way to keep people busy in these difficult days for sure, so much so that several museums are offering virtual tours that anyone could do in the comfort of their own home!

On the official website of Museo Poldi Pezzoli, for example, you can view and read the descriptions of all the artworks belonging to its permanent collections. The museum is also hosting a temporary exhibition, opened on 21st February, dedicated to the fashion world: “Memos. About fashion in this millennium.”

Photos of the exhibit can be downloaded from the website and show us an itinerary that could interest any fashion enthusiast, even aspiring fashion stylists and designers at our MKS Milano Fashion School!

This exhibition, which stems from a collaboration with the National Chamber for Italian Fashion, aims to inspire a reflection on contemporary fashion’s qualities starting from Italo Calvino’s “Six Memos for the Next Millennium”, which also gave the display its name. Calvino’s words were the ones that led to ponder on what fashion, as part of the culture industry, can convey and on its transformations.

Memos”, conceived and curated by Maria Luisa Frisa, offers a diverse exhibition itinerary that, through objects, magazines, clothes, and curiosities, tries to explain how fashion curating works and how fashion products can be handled. This kind of reflection also gave new life to the relationship between the House Museum spaces and fashion, as it had already happened with past displays about the fashion world.

“For the time being we haven’t taken any decision about a possible extension, partly because we are also waiting to see how the situation will develop”, explained Ilaria Toniolo, responsible for the press office, marketing and public relations activities of Museo Poldi Pezzoli.

However, the museum didn’t remain idle, as shown by the Poldi Pezzoli Stories: five minutes long videos on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, to reach also visitors with less social networks skills, that talk about artworks or the activities of a museum when it is closed.

An initiative getting a very good response, as Tonioli told us: “It’s extremely successful: the video dedicated to the Dama del Pollaio, explained by our Director, reached more than 40.000 people. Our followers are increasing, even on Facebook, whose audience grew by 18% since we started this project. All of this gives us hope, also for the future.”

These stories will keep going on for the whole month of March and until the reopening. Some will also be dedicated to the exhibition, by Maria Luisa Frisa, for example. So keep an eye on every social channel for surprises and interesting curiosities!



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