A Fashion Designer's challenges - Milano Fashion Week 2020
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A Fashion Designer's challenges - Milano Fashion Week 2020

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During the Milano Fashion Week Women’s Fall-Winter 2020/21, MKS Milano Fashion School students could experience the typical backstage activities for a fashion show personally, uncovering its hardships and fulfillments.

In particular, two of our Fashion Design students, Gianluca Pinto e Greta Terenzi, had the incredible opportunity to work with Cristiano Burani, the internationally famous fashion designer who is also a teacher at our school. This resulted in the conceiving of a few patterns that took life for Burani’s fashion show of the latest Fashion Week.

“We had a briefing with him. He explained us his idea, how he would include us in the project and, after a first moment of panic, we got down to work,” Gianluca told us. The next step, he then revealed, was the creation of some Patchwork garments intended to parade for the Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2020/21, under the capable guidance of Burani, who did carefully supervise all the stages of the work, but also let the two students freely make decisions about the pieces and fabric combination.

Gianluca explained that the key elements are precision and patience, because “a few too many millimeters or a little distraction are enough to lose the sense and direction of the ‘puzzle’. A challenge for me, as I’m usually more prone to instinct than technique, but it was inspiring.”

Our student could enjoy a complete experience, making the patterns from scratch and following through the whole process until their debut during the Fashion Week, and describing this crucial collaboration with enthusiasm: “Engaging with Cristiano and Pasquale was decidedly educational! We had highs and lows, but our approach was always very professional. The day of the fashion show I worked in the backstage and I finally had the opportunity to see the finished clothes ready to be worn: a beautiful moment that filled me with satisfaction and pride!”


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