Armani's call to the fashion world: let's start again from Italy
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Armani's call to the fashion world: let's start again from Italy

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The frantic pace of the fashion world is currently the subject of an intense debate, as also discussed by the Fashion Design students of MKS Milano Fashion School, and partly because of the new conditions dictated by this health emergency. Even Giorgio Armani has taken a stand for a radical change, proving himself to be a key figure for the industry yet again. From the very beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in Italy, Armani understood the necessity to take action, first announcing fashion shows behind closed doors and then engaging in the fight against the epidemic with massive donations and the conversion of his plants to produce personal protective equipment.

Not only did he make practical contributions to fighting this virus, but he also shared some important opinions for the future of this sector. In an open letter to the American magazine WWD, the designer talked about the need to change the present dynamics ruling the fashion system and provoking a distortion of it: “The current emergency, on the other hand, shows that a careful and intelligent slowdown is the only way out, a road that will finally bring value back to our work and that will make final customers perceive its true importance and value.”

Armani underlines that this decline began when fast fashion production rates were transferred to the luxury segment, demeaning its underlying value just to reap economic benefits. “I don’t work like that, and I find it immoral to do so. I have always believed in an idea of timeless elegance, which is not only a precise aesthetic code, but also an approach to the design and making of garments that suggests a way of buying them: to make them last,” he explained in his letter.

That is the reason why the Group is working to adjust collections to real life seasonality, starting with the display of the next summer clothes in boutiques at least until the beginning of September. Another crucial discussion topic highlighted by Armani is the need to reduce waste and to stop sensationalizing fashion as “pure communication” without any substance, using this crisis as an opportunity to improve the system to rediscover “a more human dimension.”

The Group followed up these statements by announcing the new calendar for womenswear, menswear and haute couture shows for Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani, which will be presented in Milan in September 2020 on the basis of procedures to be defined and communicated as soon as possible. It has been announced that the Armani PriveĢ show will be postponed to January 2021 and will take place at Palazzo Orsini in via Borgonuovo, in Milan, where clients and journalists will assist to the disclosure of a collection without the seasonal restrictions, with clothes both for winter and summer.

During an interview with La Stampa, Giorgio Armani explained his decision to move his next haute couture show from Paris to Milan as a “consistent and practical choice, born from the desire of giving value to the brand’s heritage, as well as the city’s and our Country’s one, all closely linked to each other.” Armani then addressed this invitation to everybody: “I hope my example will be followed by many Italians colleagues with shows scheduled in Paris. It would be a perfect occasion to team up. Something we haven’t been very good at until now, unlike the French.”

Despite the worrying long-term consequences of the ongoing global pandemic, Armani stressed the importance of reacting to adversity together to regain our stability: “The way to go is made of shared strategies and caution. We need to roll up our sleeves. And I hope that serious and reasonable supportive measures will be soon defined to limit the impact on our economy and society.”

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