COVID-19, Fashion and forthcoming changes
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COVID-19, Fashion and forthcoming changes

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During her lessons, Simona Serra, stylist and teacher of Fashion Design at MKS Milano Fashion School, talked about the possible effects and changes that could be brought about by the end of this pandemic on the Fashion sector. We asked her to reveal us something more about her opinions and what emerged from the discussion, thus giving us an interesting input on this matter.

«It has been almost three months since this monstrous and invisible enemy appeared and Italy is more and more demonstrating its strength!
The fashion world, with its firms, influencers, students, stylists and everything else around it, didn’t break down and immediately started looking for solutions, from economic solidarity to the production of masks, gowns, disinfectants, and I hope that most people came to understand that this world isn’t as selfish and “superficial” as it is sometimes considered to be.
Fashion accounts for a large part of our economy, so it is reasonable to ask ourselves: how will it change after coronavirus?
Yes, because the supply chain sustaining the whole system stopped, it jammed dragging down companies, workers, producers, creators, shops, events, clerks, academies, etc. with it, and this will bring about a significant change.
However, all of this comes at a time when fashion is saturated, rhythms are too frenetic, too many collections come one after the other in order to overcome an economic uncertainty that has been present for some years now.
We can therefore say that this “evolution” was necessary, but no one could have predicted what would be responsible for the slowdown of this frenzy.
Here we are at the finish line. “SLOW DOWN TO GET THE BEST FROM LIFE.”
The question is always the same: how?
We absolutely mustn’t think that Fashion is over, but it will adapt to the changing of time and demands as it has always down, without losing its desire for elegance, distinction and creativity.
Let’s not forget that Coco Chanel could emerge precisely thanks to the demands arising from a war, changing the clothing habits of women and proposing a more free and lasting kind of fashion through a reappraisal of Jersey - a material until then considered as poor and lacking style - and the creation of comfortable garments - less expensive but at the same time chic.
The same must happen for us: stylists and new creators will have to think of clothes that last and trends will lengthen their inspiration period. It will have to become season N°1 of a new fashion calendar, with longer time periods, thus allowing consumers to fully appreciate their more recent purchases and to use them “successfully” even for the next season.
This means positive changes and new opportunities also for young creative talents, once reserved for a few chosen ones supported by famous names, but not always able to best interpret fashion houses’ real demands, as well as wasting large sums of money for unnecessary things most of the time. So, more space must be given to young emerging creators, fresh out of school and ready to gain experience, willing to show their ideas and their proposals linked to this “new fashion” to the world.
As for fashion shows, after a necessary period of constraint that sees them temporarily replaced by streaming, they will certainly and luckily come back, a little bit changed for sure, but ready to show the constant and exemplary work of all of those operating behind the scenes with passion and dedication.
For us creators the motto is: “Positivity end Energy” … after all everything always starts from this!».


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