Collage Tag: an incredible experience for a future career in the fashion
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Collage Tag: an incredible experience for a future career in the fashion

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Last August Collage Tag #2, the magazine developed by MKS Milano Fashion School students attending the Fashion Styling course and the Fashion Editing and Styling master course for the 2019/2020 academic year, was published. With the support of their teachers and MKS Milano Fashion Agency’s team, these young talents were able to produce once again a high-quality online magazine, facing the hardships due to the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown without losing heart.

All these efforts resulted in a magazine full of editorial content, such as fashion columns, shootings, digital projects and even an exclusive interview to the Belgian designer Sander Bos, one of the finalists of Amazon Prime’s “Making the Cut” talent show. The creation and drafting project, for which the students were responsible under every respect, has brought to all participants great satisfaction.

The whole process represents a concrete training opportunity, extremely useful for every student to strengthen their knowledge and make contact with the professional sphere they aspire to enter. We asked two Fashion Styling students to share with us their opinions to better understand this experience from their point of view.

Anna Luzzi highlighted the importance of this project for her future, despite the uncertainty caused by this moment in history: “I believe that Collage Tag magazine will help me find the kind of job I want to do, even if this a difficult period for everyone.” She also remembered the fundamental support she received from her recently deceased teacher Bettina Casanova: “In particular, I wanted to tell you about my final project, born out of a mistake. It was precisely thanks to my teacher Bettina Casanova and her assistance that I could reach what I consider an exceptional result, following the two passions that have always accompanied me: drawing and fashion. I will always remember also because of this and, if I get to fulfill my dreams someday, I will dedicate my success to her, as she has always believed in me and has taught me to never lose faith.”

Giacomo Saravalli has also expressed a positive opinion on the project, explaining that “this magazine is a great source of satisfaction for all those whose works were published, a new experience that will certainly be useful for future editorial opportunities.” He also shared with us his feedback on the various steps and difficulties encountered during the work: “The most interesting aspects were those regarding the unwinding of the task and the idea generation process, because I wanted to create a different project that went beyond my standards. The most difficult part of my job was page formatting and the use of the programs I needed to get the best results.”

“I would recommend putting 100% effort into it for the satisfaction of seeing your work published,” concluded Giacomo, addressing the next students that will join the project.


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