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Master in Creative Direction for Fashion Design

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In collaboration with CRISTIANO BURANI
The Creative Director of a fashion or luxury brand is responsible for the global image. He or she is entrusted with the task of defining the personality of the brand or a single product. From the concept of the collection, through the concept of the show space, to advertisement campaigns and right up to the fashion show, he or she has to emphasise the emotional value of the brand and win the loyalty of its own target customers, supporting and encouraging the storytelling of the brand at the same time.
Creativity, organisational ability and leadership are indispensable qualities for a creative director.
The Master in Fashion Design & Creative Direction allows those who already have a basis in fashion design to complete their education and learn all the complex aspects of the creative director.
The structure of the Master course is divided into three areas of study: Creative Direction and Fashion Design, Brand Management, Communication Strategy.
The Creative Direction module is carried out in collaboration with the CRISTIANO BURANI Style Studio (Cristiano Burani is a famous Italian designer whose designs have been worn on the catwalk for several years during the Milan Fashion Week) and confronts in a practical and realistic manner the internal creative and organisational process that leads to the design of a collection: planning, visualisation, briefing and implementation of a concept, analysis of trends, research of colours, materials and fabrics through the meeting with suppliers and the transformation of an inspiration into a fashion collection. Final portfolio.
The Brand Management module deals with the study and the analysis of the market, the development and the positioning of the brand and outlines the close connection between designer and brand. All the participants will be guided to draw up a brand identity strategy for their own final collection;
The communication strategy module allows participants to understand how an advertisement campaign and a print campaign is planned thanks to the latest, innovative communication channels. Some lessons will also be dedicated to personal effectiveness with the aim of improving leadership ability, public speaking and presentation.

Macro Study Topics

  • Creative Direction: Strengthening or recreating the aesthetics of a brand through fine-tuning concepts, inspiration and colours based on what the market wants. Analysis and reworking of trends. Communicating these ideas to the design team that will develop the collection. Supervision and control of the various stages of design and production, of the global brand image, including the layout of stores.
  • Trend Forecasting: Succeeding in forecasting in advance of various months what will be the trends of a specific season. This is a very important analysis that is made before the design of every collection. Trend forecasting is the forecasting of the mood, behaviour and purchasing habits of the consumers in a specific season.
  • Innovative Fashion Design & Personal Label: Designing a personal collection and a new label that is original and innovative.
  • Materials and fabrics: Search for excellence and innovation
  • Fashion & Luxury Culture: Analysis of international fashion and study of the different behaviours of consumers based on different cultures. Deepening the international value of Made in Italy and Made in France.
  • Fashion Marketing e Retail Strategies: Harmonising the identity of the company and the product with the client and its core customers.
  • Brand Strategies: Building and consolidation of the brand identity and its expansion into international markets or different product segments.
  • Communication Management: Planning and supervising advertisement campaigns and all events and communication activities online and off-line.

Information and dates
Start date: October 2022
End date: June 2023
Duration: 8 months - 400 hours
Attendance: From Tuesday to Friday
Timetable: from 9.30 am to 6 pm
Location of course secretariat, information and enrolment: Via S. Marta 18, 20123 Milan

Annual fees (enrolment + tuition fees)
Enrolment fee: € 1,200.00
Tuition fees: €10,800.00

The number of places on the course is limited. The candidates will be selected on the basis of:
• Course of study: Post-graduate education – degree or work experience in the industry
• Students must be over 18 years of age
• Orientation interview

Final exam and certificate
At the end of the course, the student will be awarded a Master degree with the final grade obtained by the participant.


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