Creative Pattern-Making with Gianni Marangoni - June 5th,2019

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Pattern-making is an unique and highly specialized profession. It has a strategic role which is turn into reality the clothes idealized by the fashion designer by developing a sewing pattern.
A key role in the fashion system, without the pattern maker, it would not be any fashion to wear it. The pattern-maker must have technical skills, great precision, meticulousness and lots of creative spirit, which will be the mean subject of our event addressed to experts and lovers of the fashion system. A conversation about the main features of this work and profession.

The mediator of this event will be Gianni Marangoni, son of the famous pattern maker Giulio who, in 1935, created the methodology which is continuously update by Gianni and your staff considering the market demands.
Since the past, it is an innovative methodology which still allows us to develop the creative aspect that is increasingly neglected and minimized in the pattern making profession.

Through this meeting you will have the opportunity to evaluate the methodology and its application on volumes and decorative effects of absolute particularity, to discuss the different possibilities of development and, together, to reflect on the evolution of this profession which has always been and still is a expertise of our country recognized by the entire world.



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