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People who want to become professionals in the fashion world, necessarily, need to know English in an intermediary/advanced level, with a special focus on the fashion vocabulary.
This course has the goal of combining grammar and dialogues inside a working and professional context, leading the students to speak fluently and produce written reports in English, in order to work in the fashion industry.
The program also focuses in the appropriate language for the communication 3.0 used not only in traditional channels, but also in the digital platforms, from blogs to social medias.

The focus of our course will be:

  • The production of persuasive, concise and well written documents
  • The capability of using English during a business meeting, a job interview or a discussion with a job partner in person or by phone.
  • Understanding and decoding the codes of the communication from the web 3.0



Starting and Ending dates of the course: March 2022 –  June 2022
Frequency: Tuesday and Friday - from 5 pm until 7 pm
Duration: 60 hours
School’s location: Via S. Marta 18, 20123 Milano


Enrollment Fee: € 300,00 at the moment of your enrollment
Tuition Fee: € 500,00 before the course starts


The number of places on the course is limited.
• Students must be over 18 years

An attendance certificate is issued.


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