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Fashion Marketing & Visual Merchandising

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Aims of the course
An intensive course that provides all the tools needed to understand the steps of the Communication & Marketing process and the role of the Visual Merchandising inside of a fashion brand, giving a particular focus to the social and cultural dimensions of the consumption and the new technologies in the communication field.
Through theoretical lessons and exercises, the student will be able to develop marketing strategies and communication plans.
Starting from a study of the brand identity, the student will understand all the main steps of the marketing communication: advertising, public relations and the strategies to develop and manage the brand’s reputation inside the social environment.
An important focus of the studies is also dedicated to Visual Merchandising as a market instrument but also as a brand’s communication instrument.
In addition of the theoretical classes and exercises, the course also includes workshops with specialists in the field so the students can better understand the business of luxury and how its communication works.

Our ideal candidate

The course is developed for who wants to understand more about the complex Marketing and Communication strategies inside of the Fashion and Luxury field and also know about the dynamics of the Visual Merchandising.

Contents of the course
The Fashion Marketing & Visual Merchandising program provides a specific training regarding the following topics:

• The current scenario of the fashion market: imperatives and answers
• The brand image and the branding definition
• The institutional communication
• The new consumption/ New consumer: The Millennials
• Integrated communication in the fashion field: traditional advertising strategies and digital strategies
• Fashion marketing: definition, function, main strategies
• Retail, multichannel, omnichannel
• Visual Merchandising techniques
• Creating the experience to increase the brand’s value
• The Public Relations: how to talk about a fashion product (pret à porter e luxury goods management)
• Fashion advertising writing and art direction
• Social network, blogger, influencer: the new advertising model

Educational activities
• Classroom lessons
• Workshops and seminars with industry specialists
• Tutoring and exercises
  The session in March 2021 will also be available online.

Information and dates

Duration: 60 hours of group classes (30 lessons)

Start date and end date of the course:
March 2022 -  July 2022

Tuesdays and Thurdays from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm

Location of course secretariat, information and enrolment:
Via S. Marta 18, 20123 Milan

Pre-enrolment € 590,00 at the moment of your enrollment
Balance € 850.00 before the course starts


The number of places on the course is limited.
There are no special admission requirements.

Final exam and certificate
The exam will be held in front of a panel composed of resident and external tutors.
The course is accredited by the Lombardy Region. At the end of the course, after one or more final tests, the certificate is awarded (Proficiency Certificate) in accordance with the Italian Law 19/2007.
The Proficiency Certificate awarded with the logo of the Lombardy Region is valid in accordance with the law in all national regions and through the EQF (European Qualification Framework) system throughout the European Union. Outside the EU, the certificate is recognised on the basis of agreements between the EU/Italy and individual states or international organisations.

Professional opportunities

Fashion PR specialist
Brand Manager
Fashion Retail Manager


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