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Footwear Design Intensive Course

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Becoming Footwear Designer
The footwear industry is one of the most renowned at international level in Italian fashion culture. For us at MKS Milano Fashion School, this is a strong value that we try to transmit in the training and education of the new generation of Made In Italy fashion designers.
Aesthetic sensibility, passion for tradition, curiosity for conceptual research, an instinct for what's new… these are just a few of the typical requirements the market demands of a Footwear Designer. In-depth knowledge of materials and their components, technical expertise, along with managerial skills, are indispensable abilities for entering the labour market securely and successfully in both the luxury and mass-market areas.
Attending an intensive course in footwear design, the student defines and develops his or her own creative identity and managerial profile, thanks to experienced tutors from the industry but also through direct experience within creative projects, individually and as part of a team.

Aims of the course
The intensive course in Footwear Design aims to train young fashion professionals to create any type of footwear. The participants of the intensive course, once completed the classroom lessons and workshops, have acquired all the necessary skills to express their own creativity and to develop original ideas, being able to respond to demands from different markets and consumers.
Starting from the study of drawing techniques, by the end of the course the students would know how to present their own creations through the latest graphic technology and how to enhance them through new media.
The work opportunities that this offers are multiple, not only as a consultant or prototype specialist but, in particular, as a stylist. Once the course is finished, the participants are perfectly ready to design collections for the different realities of the market, and to contribute to any professional training in the field of fashion accessories.

Our ideal candidate
The course is open to those who want to embark on a career as a Footwear Designer, whether they are students with A-levels or equivalent qualifications, or professionals.

Contents of the course

The training course for the professional role of Footwear Designer will provide a specific foundation in the following:
• Basics of the footwear history
Study of the history of costume and fashion with particular attention to footwear, often used as objects of embellishment or to enhance garments worn.
• Design
Project and concept of the start of a collection (women's, men’s, children's), drawing input from several sources (reviews, books, photos, news columns, nature etc.) or inspired by various international themes or historical characters that come from coolhunting tutors.
• Technical drawing
Technical drawing in order to draw attention to geometry with the use of instruments like set squares, goniometers and rulers. Covering all the basics of classic geometry (angles, points, etc.) used to be able to draw in a technical manner the elaborate sketches for footwear.
• Fashion design
This module deals with lessons that are extremely important for fashion design. Firstly, the design and history of footwear, and subsequently a technical explanation of how to construct a piece of footwear and a demonstration of all the components (heel, sole, heel piece, toe box, insoles, foot-strap, moulds, decorative accessories) in such a way that the construction of a piece of footwear is perfectly comprehensible. Finally, the role of colour and the different techniques for carrying out a design will be explained.
• Drawing and copying from life
An attitude to drawing will be developed, whereby it is carried out with immediacy and the confidence necessary to copy from real life.
• Different design techniques
Personalisation of the design based on the development of the young designer’s character and abilities.
• Creative ability, generation of ideas, coolhunting
Problem-solving ability, creative and fresh immediacy of the collection project (women’s, men’s, children's) achieved.
• Illustrations and sketches
Illustrating and presenting in the best or more creative way a collection mood (women’s, men’s, children's) with the same mood (commercial art).
The sketch will be the form of design that is the quickest to assemble in a short time for the collection project (women’s, men’s, children's).
• Materials (new technology)
Study of materials used for creating the “shoe” product (leather, textiles, plastic materials, etc). Technical notions on cutting a skin on a paper pattern.
• Graphic design
Computer processing with a vector program.
• Decorations
Closely linked to the commercial art or mood of the collection.
• Technical sheet of the shoe
Sheet where all the three-dimensional sections of the design products are inserted, with relative descriptions of all particulars for personalising the product studied (zip, colours, materials, accessories, seams and/or welding, etc).
• Collection
Creation of collections of accessories aimed at the target with subsequent presentations and/or creations of the dedicated event. Outline of business strategy and prices; calculation of mark-up.
• Portfolio
Book used to insert the best projects or best project developed during the study course

Educational activities
• Classroom lessons
• Workshops and seminars with industry specialists
• Lectures and meetings with opinion leaders
• Work groups, exercises and business games
• Tutoring

Information and dates

Duration: 60 hours
Start date and end date of the course: March 2022 - July 2022
Attendance: Saturday - From 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Location of course secretariat, information and enrolment: Via S. Marta 18, 20123 Milan


Pre-enrolment: €590.00 at the moment of your enrollment
Balance €850.00 before the course starts

The number of places on the course is limited. The candidates will be selected on the basis of:
• Curriculum vitae
• Orientation interview with the Head of Department/Educational Director

Final exam and certificate

The exam will take place in front of a panel.
At the end of the course an attendance certificate will be issued.

Professional opportunities
Footwear and Accessories Designer
Collection Coordinator
Product Developer
Product Researcher
Trends Researcher


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