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Influencer Management - Partnership with Bat Radar

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According to a research conducted by Bat Radar analysts, by the end of 2019, every fashion company will have at least one influencer marketing manager inside the company.
Influencer Marketing, in fact, together with video marketing and social messaging, will be the first promotion lever for fashion brands around the world.
This implies that companies will have to foresee, soon, new investments both from the point of view of contracts with influencers, and from the point of view of human resources that will have to manage these contracts and relationships.
On the other hand, influencers also require managers. Like any self-respecting business, influencers need organization and resources to properly manage brand relationships.
The challenge is already underway. The influencer marketing manager is the profession of the future.


The course

Starting from modules developed ad hoc on marketing, web marketing and digital communication. The course will describe the world of influencer marketing and analyze in detail the role and the competences of the influencer manager.

The course will approach the following topics in a targeted and scientific way:


Theoretical part

• Marketing intelligence
• Web marketing
• Social media marketing
• Influencer marketing
• Fashion promotion
• Fashion communication
• Fashion influence (history, current panorama)
• Fashion management
• Influencer Marketing Management
• Sales
• Online advertising
• Analytics & Insights
• Benchmarking
• Social media intelligence
• Influencer digital reputation management
• Brand digital reputation management
• Reporting and budgeting
• The reference regulatory framework for influencer marketing (by a legal expert linked to Bat Radar).


Professional and work opportunities

Fashion houses, influencer agencies, influencers or independent influencer networks.


To whom it is addressed

The course was developed for those who intend to work with influencer / celebrity management from the point of view of product placement opportunities.
The influencer marketing manager is in charge of managing the relationships between influencers and brands, so that brands can expand their promotion in a network with the best brand advocates in the digital environment.

In partnership with

Information and dates

Duration: 60 hours

Start date and end date of the course:
Weekend Formula: March 2022 – July 2022
Weekdays Formula: March 2022 – July 2022

Weekend Formula: Saturday - from 09:00 am until 01:00 pm
Weekdays Formula: Tuesday and Thursday – from 06:00 pm until 09:00 pm

School Address: Via Santa Marta 18, 20123 Milan

Pre-enrolment € 600.00 at the moment of your enrollment
Balance € 1000.00 before the course starts


The number of places on the course is limited.
An attendance certificate is issued.


Students must be over 18 years of age
Educational qualifications


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