Is Fashion going through a crisis due to COVID-19?
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Is Fashion going through a crisis due to COVID-19?

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Is the fashion sector experiencing a period of crisis? Which decisions are being taken by its companies and associations? These are the topical issues constantly being tackled and discussed during the online lessons of MKS Milano Fashion School.

As it happened for many areas, this lockdown period also damaged textile, fashion and accessories activities, with repercussions for the whole Italian supply chain. Confindustria Moda (Italian Textile, Fashion and Accessory Federation) acted both to find useful solutions to reduce the impact as much as possible, and to support the fight against the virus.

On the one hand, the federation – which represents the whole system, aggregating about 66,000 clothing firms in the Country and involving more than 585,000 workers – is aiming at immediately restarting the fashion production machine. In order to do so, it proposed a plan to resume production, logistics and distribution activities, in accordance with the safety measures defined by the 14 March 2020 “Shared Protocol”.

A note issued on April 4 explains this plan and its goal to minimize the ongoing pandemic repercussions on the supply chain, described as “a one of a kind on a global scale and the second manufacturing sector in Italy, as well as the major contributor in determining a positive trade balance for the Country.”

While waiting for medical-scientific-epidemiological studies to be confirmed as capable of verifying the positivity or immunity to the virus, the federation established some temporary solutions to ensure the safety of employees without putting at risk any businesses survival. Among these, for example, we find the idea of splitting workers in age groups to protect vulnerable ones, or the reopening of business activities in the areas less affected by the health emergency.

On the other hand, on March 23 the federation, supported by Sportello Amianto Nazionale and CNA Federmoda, approved a protocol to start producing surgical masks and personal protective equipment, in response to Art. 5 of Decree “Cura Italia” issued on 16 March 2020. Confindustria Moda launched a campaign meant to gather the applications of textile and fashion firms, which are making themselves available to supply TNT Textile non-woven fabric and to convert their plants for the production of medical material, essential in this period of crisis.

Meanwhile, CNA Federmoda, which represents the fashion area of CNA (the Italian Confederation of Craft Trades and Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises), asked its associates to gather expressions of interest in order to overcome the PPE’s shortage.

The project is being coordinated by Sportello Amianto Nazionale, promotor and editor of the plan called “National Industrial Conversion Covid Emergency”: for its execution, TNT suppliers were identified following specific criteria, such as manufacturing in Italy, using certified materials, having available warehouses and production capacity.

Even their partner PwC Italia joined the effort with two posts on social media that earned 200 applications in a few days, showing the whole supply chain’s will to cooperate e keep going on.

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