Masks and selfies: all the tricks by the best make-up artists
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Masks and selfies: all the tricks by the best make-up artists

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As Italy’s lockdown period reaches its end, and business and social activities start reopening, people are trying to go back to the normality of daily life, even if mindful of the new rules to be followed to guarantee everybody’s safety. One of the most important precautions to be taken is the use of face masks, thus representing an invaluable resource to keep everyone safe, but necessarily covering much of our faces.

All the emotions revealed by our mouth and lower face end up being inevitably hidden, and so are the smiles and funny expressions the make our selfies with friends so special, as they lose their effectiveness and charm under a surgical mask.

This is why the Franco-Chinese company Wiko, always attentive to its community’s needs, chose to look for solutions to keep up with the times and allow everyone to get sensational pictures with their smartphones. Thanks to some make-up-oriented beauty tips, it is possible to place greater emphasis on specific details of the face, especially the eyes, so as to tackle the obstacles placed by our new ally against coronavirus dangers.

To keep having fun and taking photos with a strong visual impact, we can intensify our gaze thanks to a few simple tricks suggested by professionals from the cosmetics sector, also taking into consideration Color Analysis – the theoretic system that studies how to emphasise an individual’s features through specific colour palettes and undertones. Wiko decided to rely on the experience of MKS Milano Fashion Agency, which represents several high-level make-up artists and is closely linked to MKS Milano Fashion School.

The agency, expert on image and styling, provided counselling and involved its make-up artists Gaetano Pane and Giusi Mertoli. They offered some simple and practical hints to highlight both eyes and gaze, explaining how it is enough to keep in mind the colour combinations and choose the right products for maximum effect. Below is a list of five useful tips to take stunning and original selfies despite wearing masks:

1. To begin with, it is important to spread a veil of sun protection cream with appropriate SPF levels, especially required during summer. The steam produced by our breath will head towards our eyes because of the mask and, consequently, the first suggestion is to rely on long-lasting and waterproof products.

2. Considering that the eyes will be the main subject of the shot, it would be best to use a light fluid concealer, to be fixed with a veil of powder by dabbing it with a sponge. Rising temperatures must be taken into consideration as well: we want to avoid an excessively mat, unnatural effect, but it is also essential to keep the make-up from melting, which would ruin the desired look.

3. The next step is to lighten the eyes. Start by applying a bright eye shadow on the inner part of your eyelid, blending it with a darker shadow towards the crease of your eye. Use then an eyeliner or a black pencil, trying to stay close to your top lash line. Finally, apply a generous coat of mascara to thicken and shape your eyelashes.

4. At this stage, don’t forget to choose the right colour combinations to compliment your iris and complexion. Colour Analysis teaches us that brown eyes can be emphasised with bordeaux and dark brown colours; green eyes can be highlighted by bronze and copper shades; blue eyes’ magnetic charm can be amplified by pearl grey and blue nuances, while black or dark brown eyes perfectly match with green and pearly colours.

5. Last but not least don’t forget to pay attention to the eyebrows: they frame the eyes and create the right harmony on the face, proving to be an extremely important feature. Before taking pictures and sharing them on your social profiles, remember idea to brush your eyebrows upwards and fixed them to open up your eyes. Keep brow soap and brow gel in your beauty case and that’s it!

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