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Milano Digital Fashion Week closes with Gucci's

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This summer Milan played host to another incredible fashion event, the first Milano Digital Fashion Week. Organized by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI), the city’s latest fashion week, displaying the Spring/Summer 2021 menswear and men and womenswear pre-collections, took place from 14 to 17 July, attracting experts in this field and the next generation of stylists and designers, such as the students attending MKS Milano Fashion School.

To celebrate the last day of the event, Gucci decided to showcase its last collection “Epilogue,” revealing it with a narrative video that shows the brand’s desire for new solutions compared to the usual dynamics in the fashion industry.

The video was shared during a 12-hour livestream broadcasted worldwide on different digital platforms on Friday 17 July 2020. The title “Epilogue” literally indicates the final episode of a narration that started with the last fashion show by the creative director Alessandro Michele, “An unrepeatable ritual”. It is thus the end of a journey, but at the same time it represents “a threshold of a new beginning, from which we try to imagine our tomorrow.”

This “fairy tale” in three acts, as Michele calls it, had begun with a fashion show that aimed at unveiling what hides behind “the curtains of this ritual,” putting the spotlight on his “traveling companions”, thanks to whom no show would be possible. The second act then came to life during the advertising campaign in May, conceived as a further way to disrupt “the routine mechanisms of fashion.” The end of this story with “Epilogue” turned the designers themselves into the main performers, making them wear the clothes they created and once again reversing fixed roles."

“My fairy tale in three parts wants to generate a questioning about the rules, the roles and the functions that keep the fashion world going – explained Michele – an unbalanced game in which I tried to dismantle the scaffolding, to turn things upside down, to shift the gaze somewhere else.”

Particular attention was also given to the audience, made broader and more involved than ever thanks to the digital format: “For a whole day, anybody will be able to investigate, thanks to suitably arranged cameras, the process through which the design office will embody Gucci’s new advertising campaign”, with Palazzo Sacchetti and Rome’s Campo Boario standing as the main background.

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