Milano Fashion Week Women’s FW 2020/21: our students explore all backstage activities
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Milano Fashion Week Women’s FW 2020/21: our students explore all backstage activities

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The thrill of working behind the scenes, the good fortune of experiencing firsthand what assures the success of a fashion show, the satisfaction of playing your part in the making of world-renowned events: in a nutshell, the perfect opportunity to put into practice the fashion design and styling concepts that you learnt at school.
This was the chance given to the MKS Milano Fashion School students, thanks to a collaboration with MKS Milano Fashion Agency.
During the last Milano Fashion Week Women’s, these students could assist many stylists working for some of the most prestigious brands in the fashion world: Versace, Cristiano Burani, Philpp Plein, Anteprima, Alberta Ferretti, Benetton and many more.
We asked them to tell us more about this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


In which fashion shows did you work? How would you describe this experience?

Giacomo Saravalli (Fashion Styling student): During the fashion week women’s, I had the opportunity to work in the advertising campaign and fittings of Philpp Plein, and this experience made me realize how much I do belong to the fashion world. The stress level, both on my account and especially on my colleagues’, was high, but at the same time I was proud of what I accomplished for my professional growth and my own happiness!

Alice Zanor (Fashion Styling student): Thanks to the school I had the opportunity of working for Anteprima’s brand with a classmate, first assisting in fittings and then working in the fashion show’s backstage. It’s been ten days of intense work, at times even frenzied, but I will always keep these memories because I’ve learnt to deal with situations I had never faced before. My firsthand experience in the creation of the collection paraded at the fashion show made me very happy and more driven than ever. It’s been an amazing and enriching experience, also thanks to Anteprima’s team that has taught me many things.

Gloria Frezza (Fashion Design student): In February 2020 I worked as a dresser for Versace. My very first few times I was incredibly worried because of doubts and uncertainties, but with some help from other professionals I was able to do my duty with dedication and attention. All these unique and satisfying experiences, though very tiring, represent a plus and a new stimulus for my future objectives.

How did your current Fashion Styling/ Design course at MKS Milano Fashion School prepare you for this experience?

Carlo Migliori (Fashion Design Student): I’ve been an MKS Milano Fashion School student for less than a year and, based on my experience, I can already tell how much it is important for them that all students identify and cultivate their skills, that they have direct contact with this business reality and consequently learn how to best manage it for their own future career.

Alice Zanor (Fashion Styling student): The lessons given at school and the themes uncovered, both in theory and practice, helped me in facing the fitting work, which allowed me to put into practice what I’ve learnt. Assisting the Stylist gave me new stimuli and made me strengthen my knowledge base.

Martina Riva (Fashion Styling student): The course I’m attending helped me and prepared me thanks to theoretical studies: some information can be learnt only looking for it and studying, even if I think experience comes from practice and actually living certain moments. It’s the only way to really understand something.

What did you expect before your backstage experience last week?

Giacomo Saravalli (Fashion Styling student): I had expectations about discovering a world I only knew a part of. I’ve always been fascinated by fashion shows and by the work behind them, the location selection, the music, models, fittings etc. You really understand you belong to a place only when it makes you feel something, and I did.

Martina Riva (Fashion Styling student): I had many expectations: on the one hand I had asked around how fittings were and what the work was like, but on the other I wanted to live this opportunity without too many expectations, so that I could experience everything for myself and without any fear.

Gloria Frezza (Fashion Styling student): My expectations for this fashion week were pretty normal, but I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled because I got to work for Versace which was a desire of mine.

Has participating in these fashion shows helped you better understand the challenges of the fashion stylist/designer career?

Carlo Migliori (Fashion Design student): I’ve already had the opportunity to work as a dresser for a few designers during the past Fashion Weeks, but the truth is that you never know what will happen in the backstage of a fashion show; wishing for the show’s perfect execution, even though I’m not the who designed it, explains the kind of atmosphere I feel I immerse myself in each time. When the show is over, and everything’s gone well and a smile is painted on everyone’s face (because, yes, we’re not as sullen as many people may think), I feel exactly what I want from myself, for my present and for my future.

Giacomo Saravalli (Fashion Styling student): Certainly. It’s especially helped me focus on my professional growth goals more than ever, as well as on the challenges that I might find on my path and that I will welcome because I think they will give me the opportunity to put myself on the line, learn and feel gratified. I believe that many have a passion for fashion, but only a few of us also get the emotions it provokes.

Alice Zanor (Fashion Styling student): This experience made me understand even better how much work hides behind a fashion show and, above all, how all the staff (Designer, Stylist, Seamstress, Assistants…) are important for its making. I’ve certainly understood the dedication and the challenges that you must face to reach specific goals, but I’ve also learnt that working hard anything is possible.


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