Sales assistant in the luxury fashion system (in collaboration with IFOA)
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Sales assistant in the luxury fashion system (in collaboration with IFOA)

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Under the guidance of expert fashion professionals from MKS Milan Fashion School, the course provides a solid foundation to operate as a sale assistant in the luxury fashion field.
Through the history of fashion, participants will learn about current brands, designers, creative directors and the latest trends. In addition, students will acquire important tools to provide a fashion image consultancy and fortified sales and retention through effective sales techniques.


History of fashion and analysis of trends and contemporary fashion
• The history of fashion in the '900
• The major fashion and luxury brands
• International Fashion Trends
• Analysis of the latest fashion shows

Image consulting and its tools
• Analysis and draping
• Build an effective image
• Build our image
• Build the image of others
• The color types
• Morphology of the body and face
• Style: expression of personality and professional need
• The importance of accessories

Sales techniques
• Customer segmentation
• Main customer characteristics and management techniques
• Management of the different phases of the relationship with the customer
• Store management and personal communication
• The basic rules of communication
• Verbal and non-verbal communication
• Product presentation
• The customer's purchase reasons
• The management of objections
• Price construction
• After sales

The job's world
• Entry into the world of work: concept of competence
• Approach to the world of work: CV - interview simulation - research channels

Employment opportunities
Fashion and Luxury retail

IFOA certificate of attendance

Ifoa adopts an on the job training approach that aims at "knowing how to do" and provides the continuous alternation between theoretical lectures and practical exercises with constant laboratory activity, case analysis and team work. The teacher trainers are professionals and consultants in the sector with a strongly corporate approach able to share their concrete experience with the classroom.
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Information and dates
Duration: 600 hours
Starting date: November 4th, 2019
Formula: full-time
Location, info and registration: Via S. Marta 18, 20123 Milan

Price € 1000.00 (VAT exempt)

Admission requirements
Persons in possession of a diploma or professional qualification seeking employment. Upon evaluation of the basic skills, access will also be given to persons without a diploma. Knowledge of spoken English


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