Scarpe & Scarpe and MKS Milano Fashion School - #REVIVAL #COLLECTION
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Scarpe & Scarpe and MKS Milano Fashion School - #REVIVAL #COLLECTION

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A new project was born, a new fashion idea which involves the students from our MKS Milano Fashion School, an Academic Institute of Higher Education in the fashion world. A school with excellence which prepares the students to experiment, create and gather all the best lessons so they can be prepared for the fashion world. An institute recognized in Italy and outside the country because of its high quality instruction and its contact with the business world.

The Scarpe & Scarpe’s idea, always careful with the high quality of its products and the newest trends, was to propose in all of its stores, starting on October 12th, a capsule collection which expresses all the creativity, research and dedication of the students who love the fashion world and its trends and have the desire to present an unique and irresistible product. The perfect Scarpe & Scarpe style.

That is how Revival was born, a Rock-Urban collection composed by 4 pair of shoes and one bag. All made in perfect Italian style with black leather and studs. The ideal total look for the winter is about to arrive.

A project developed, today, for the fall/winter and already confirmed for the next season, spring/summer 19.

#revival #collection #nevermorewithout

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