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The fashion photographer: "the eye of the style storyteller"

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The Fashion Photographer is the style and image expert essential for the success of a collection. In MKS Milano Fashion School you will have the opportunity thanks to follow a 60 hours course in Fashion Photography to develop the skills of research, production and management of fashion photos.
The Fashion Photographer must be able to enhance the style of a line in all its phases, from the fashion show to the advertising campaign, it is a very creative job and requires a strong vision of trends.
In the professional field, the figure of the Fashion Stylist  in synergy with the photographer can create, in perfect teamwork, the style, the visionary creation, and the final image with which a brand, a flagship, a fashion product present themselves and interface with the public.
In order for these passions to become a real profession, technique and a lot of personal research are needed.
In the city of Milan, at the Armani Silos exhibition space, located in the design district in Bergognone Street in May 2020 was inaugurated, and extended until summer 2021 the personal exhibition of one of the most important and authentic fashion photographers of the last 50 years: Peter Lindbergh.
His photography was defined as an expression of real beauty, his cinematic vision, the sense of composition, the combination of realism that bordered on dreams, his language defined as simple but at the same time sophisticated.
These were the characteristics that made the most profitable and productive artistic partnership in the history of Italian fashion photography blossom, enclosed in the binomial Lindbergh-Vogue Italy.
The Fashion Photographer must be able to build his own personal style, his own aesthetic vision and be able to tell it in his photos.
Lindbergh said: "I really like fashion, but women come first, right?", A famous phrase released in an interview published in the October 1994 issue of Vogue Italy which contains his vision of fashion photography.
In this issue of Vogue, which celebrated the 30th anniversary of the newspaper, to which Lindbergh was most attached not only because he formed it creatively but also because he launched it in the fashion industry when, in April 1980 he began to collaborate with his first black and white image, his unmistakable trademark.
"I only paint when I am forced!" he ironically stated in the same interview to explain the chromatic and stylistic choice that made him famous.
Modern and direct like his photography, like his style that has remained faithful to himself over the years, Lindbergh has left his mark in fashion and beyond, for his unforgettable photographic stories.





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